How to write a resume

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One of the most frequent problems that young Russian scientists face is how to interest well-known scientific publications with their publications? To train today’s students to prepare articles in accordance with international standards, the pharmaceutical company Takeda launched an educational project called Russian Studies International Recognition, which included a lecture by American professor Stanley EDLAVICH from the University of Missouri. We bring to the attention of readers its basic positions.

There are only two ways to convey to the community of scientists and doctors information about your scientific work participation in conferences or publications in scientific journals.

If you want to achieve career growth, go from an assistant to a senior lecturer, and then become a professor, you need to be published in respected scientific journals. This is also necessary for those who want to receive a grant for the continuation of scientific research. The experts issuing grants, first of all, look to see if the applicant has any publications on the subject matter declared by him.

How do scientific publications appear based on the research?

Journal selection

It is necessary not only to write an article, but also to choose the right journal for publication corresponding to your specialization.

There are magazines with closed access on the Internet. Approximately 2,600 of these are in the PabMed Medline National Medical Library of the United States Medical and Biological Publications Database.

Looking through the statistics, I found about 7 thousand scientific journals in the public domain. The key factor for choosing the place of publication today is the citation index. The most significant journals for your publication will help you choose the Journal Citation Reports website (, which provides a rating of the citation index. Keep in mind that most of the open access online journals, of which there are many, take money from the authors for posting articles. So they cover the cost of their content.

The editors of both electronic and printed journals carefully analyze the materials received by them. Therefore, your article should contain something really meaningful to be printed. This does not mean that you have to give up beforehand, but it is advisable to soberly assess your capabilities, so that you will not be disappointed, since the magazine will reject your work.