How to put coursework on a resume

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Writing a report tothethesis is an importantstage, since the result ofthe defense of thework itself depends on the opinion of thescientific council about you. Before protection, the applicant must prepare and make at least three reports. Withthe proclamation, each report musttake into account all the comments that will be made on it, and correct them, so that the reportto the defense is perfectly properly built. PhD or doctoralthesis

It is importantto remember that the report on the doctoral dissertation lasts up to thirty minutes, and Fonthe doctoral dissertation up to twenty. Accordingly, for a doctoral dissertation, the size ofthe report should consist of twelve fourteen pages, and for the candidate about eight. The report should be built in stages, telling the whole essence of your research, what has been done and what you have achieved.or the dissertation Thefirst part ofthe reportis introductory and consists of the description of the chosen theme and direction. Prove that your researchis needed and provide undeniable facts that prove it.

You can tell what was done by your predecessors, the share of criticism will benefit. Tell us what you had to go through in order to reach the goal, make a description of the subject of the study so that the academic council understands what the further discussion will be about. At the end of the firstpart, bring the students to the main achievement achieved in your work. The second part of the report is themain oneand it isnecessary to state all the results that you came to during the research, working on your dissertation. Describe each experiment that was done and what led to it. The main part of the report can be safely built on the structure of the thesis, at the end of eachstage you can show the photos that were taken, this in turn will make a positive note in your story. To build a report, lay out your research andachievements in importance, the most basic ones need to be revealed first, then less important, and the latter can only be mentioned without telling in detail. The main goal, towrite and tell, everythingis so thatthe selection committee would not have questions.