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How to attract the attention of the publisher

In order to publish an article, it is not necessary to be a good writer. First of all, significant achievements in the studied areas are important. The use of new techniques, discoveries that have practical significance, a change in the approach to the problem, new areas of research are those things that can attract the attention of the editor.

First, determine what your audience is. After all, it is possible to completely differently convey the content of your material. For clinicians in one way, and for researchers and health care managers in another.

Regardless of whether you are writing an article in Russian or any other language, you must achieve clarity of presentation. This is one of the first rules for writing an article. If your thought is unclear, if someone reads, but cannot understand what is written, your material will not be published.

There are a lot of good video lectures on YouTube video hosting that can teach you how to write articles. I can also recommend an excellent free video course on how to write articles in English on the website of Stanford University.

The following rules will help clarify the presentation:

use short sentences so that the reader does not lose the thought;

make short paragraphs of 3-5 lines;

do not combine different thoughts in one paragraph;

analyze your sentence and see which words are mandatory in it. If you understand that the sentence is complicated, remove the unnecessary words and see if it retains the meaning you have laid;

Do not use slang, jargon, expressions that people from other countries cannot understand;

When using an abbreviation, do not forget to disclose its content: next to the abbreviated name, when first mentioned in the text, the abbreviation is given in brackets;

cross out all the common words: “very”, “a little”, “in fact”, as well as words that say little about everything. Remove phrases like: “it seems to us that “I think etc.

Read the article out loud to yourself or record it on the recorder and listen. And if it seems to you that the text does not sound very good, then those who read the article will perceive it as unimportant. Ask your friends and colleagues you trust to read your article and make critical comments. This will provide an opportunity to get an honest opinion about your work. Never send an article to the editor if you think your scientific approach is not sufficiently developed.